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Zainab Abdul Amir North obtained a Master's degree from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology for her thesis tagged:

(Improved search results using extreme patterns and chicken-chicken cousins)

Enhance Search Result Using Dissimilar Patterns and Chicken Swarm Algorithm

 The researcher suggested a proposed system to enhance the effectiveness of retrieving Arabic search documents using the Chicken Squirrel and the Unwanted Pattern. The Chicken Squad is used as an algorithm to identify appropriate attributes in the system to improve the search process.

Use the concept (unmatched style) to remove and delete unrelated pages from the results of the ordered list, and to improve the results of the user query. The proposed NLEL corpus standard set of data sets was tested for 11,650 documents.

The experimental results (precision 81%, recall 70% accuracy, 92.2%) were compared to the traditional systems achieved with the same data set.

The discussion committee consisted of the discussion room in the annex building of the department. Ayad Roudhan and Prof. Suhad Mal Allah from the University of Technology and d.Prof. Nada Abdel-Zahra from Baghdad University Prof. Alia Karim as a  supervisor.


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