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The department of computer engineering grants the MSC to Mais Sataar  (نظام النقل الذكي القائم على تحديد موقع العجلات المستخدمة في نقل العملات النقدية بين المصارف)

the researcher discussed the design of an intelligent system called the Vehicle Transport System (VTS). It consists of two parts. The first part is a system embedded in The discussion committee consisted of:Prof. Ahmed Sabah Abdel-Amir as President and  Asst. Prof. Nadia Adnan Shaltag from Baghdad UniversityAsst. Bassam Mohammed Saeed Members & Asst. Prof.Mohammed Najm Abdullah and Asst. Prof. Hassan Uhid Jaid and supervisors.the car. The second part of the system is a web application for managing the system

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