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The Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology grants the MSC to Zaina Abdul Hussain Saleh   in computer engineering :

(نظام المشاركة السري لنظام التحقق من الهوية القائم على القزحية)

The research involved the use of biometrics systems on a wide scale in many areas of application, and the risks involved in maintaining security and privacy have attracted the attention of biochemists.

The first focus is on the protection of the template by proposing an algorithm combining CSK and VC encryption


The discussion committee consisted of Asst. Dr.. Saad Talib Hassoun as President and Asst. Prof.Dr.  Hassan Aouhed Jeyad & Asst. Dr. Ahmed Mazher Hassan Members  Asst. Prof.Dr.   Ashwaq Talib Hashim supervisor.

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