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The department of Materials Engineering grants a PHD

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The Department of Materials Engineering grants a PHD to Safa Hashim Radi for his research

(تراكيب نانوية البنية كمواد تقوية لمادة متراكبة ذات اساس بوليمر)  

The doctoral dissertation included an explanation of the joints of the industrial hip

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Ali H. Atwei as President and Prof. Haidar Abdul Hussain Hussein of Babylon University, Asst.Prof.  Jafar Ghani Majeed from Mustansiriya University Asst.Prof.  Akram Rahim and Asst.Prof.  Bassil Al-Zubaidi Members Jawad Kazem Aliwi University of Technology and Prof. Rana Afif Majeed and all of them from the Technological University / Materials Engineering Department supervisors

And a. Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Amirin University of Karbala, scientific and linguist. Samir Ali Amin from the University of Technology

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