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The student Bilal Abdul Fattah Ahmed received a master's degree from the Department of Applied Sciences at the University of Technology in the field of materials science for his thesis:

"Recruitment of Plastic Waste for Lightweight Concrete Production"

Employment the plastic waste to produce the light weight


The discussion committee consisted of a smart hall in the section. From Rola Abdul Khader of the University of Technology as President, Dr.Suad Hamed of Baghdad University and Prof. Ban Ayoub, members of the University of Awad.

The researcher pointed out that the use of plastic waste has emerged in recent years as alternatives in the production of light concrete cement in order to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. At present, this technology is of great importance in the conservation of energy sources.

He pointed out that the current study includes experimental tests to study the properties of concrete prepared from plastic waste. Two types of polyethylene, PET and polystyrene (PS) were used. The first type of supplementation was (10,7,5,3,1%). When the ratios (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) were used for the second type.

The effect of adding these lightweight residues on the properties of each mixture was studied separately. After a series of mechanical and physical tests, it was found that 1% of PET increases the compressive strength by 580% compared with the reference mixture (prepared without the addition of residues) while the compressive resistance decreases by increasing the addition of PS.

This work presents a new idea for investing in recycled plastic waste and recycling and its use in the production of lightweight concrete with thermal insulation properties suitable for the conditions of Iraq's hot and dry environment.



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