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Ali Naim Jassim from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology received a master's degree for his research titled:

Evaluation of the collection of waste water and rain for the Rusafa area in Baghdad "

"Evaluation of Wastewaters and Storm Water Collection System in Al - Rusafa Area Baghdad City"

The researcher concluded that the hydraulic analysis of the eastern bank line and the Zeppelin line obtained from the 2016 scenario and the 2046 scenario that the design capacity of these two lines do not meet the maximum operating requirements. It was also found that the hydraulic gradient was very low, making the flow velocity less than the minimum recommended for self-cleaning speed and causing particle deposition and blocking of these two lines. Two lines of the Zeppelin extension line, which holds 81% of the sewage in the Zeppelin line for 2016 and 2046, and the Eastern Army Canal Channel scenario, which carries 47% of the sewage in the Zeppelin line. The scenario of the parallel line is 5 meters from the East Bank line which carries 25% of the wastewater in the East Bank line and the scenario of the western army channel which carries 29% of the sewage in the East Bank line.

The discussion committee consisted of:Prof. Alaa Hussein Wadi as President and Prof. Haidar Mohammed & Assis.Prof. Ghaida Yasin Rasheed Prof. Fares Hamoudi Mohamed Assis.Prof Shate Ahmed Fadel members


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