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The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics at the University of Technology grants MSC to the student (Maha Sadiq Khalaf) specialized in Optical Electronics Engineering for her thesis (Design and Implementation of Short Range Underwater Optical Wireless Communication (UOWC) System).The thesis was about the importance of optical wireless communications has growing for underwater channel as it has ability of equipping high bit rates based on low power and small size requirement. Also, wireless is the reliable solution typically in the case of underwater, because of the nature of such unguided medium is very harsh and rough. In this thesis DD/IM has experimentally investigated in the form of PWM. Three wavelengths have utilized (450, 532, 650) nm to assess the feasibility of selection the suitable water channel with 50mW as incident power. S/R, BER and SER were inspected for five different water channels. These are tap water, different concentrations of Maalox (Mg (OH)2 and Al(OH)3) and salt  in order to obtain high turbidity water, Results shows that Maalox and salt content decrease the received power and interrupt the communicating link.The discussion committee was chaired by Asst.Prof.Dr. Thameer Rasheed , and the membership of Asst.Prof.Dr.Jasim Kadhim from UOT an Asst.Prof.Dr.Shatha Mizher from Iraqi Computers Authority, Asst.Prof.Dr.SalahDeen Adnan from UOT and Asst.Prof.Dr.Mazin Ali from UOM as supervisors, Prof.Dr. Jaber Salman from al Nahrin Unv. as a scientific reviewer and Prof.Khalid Salim from UOT as a linguistic reviewer.



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