Thursday, 07 June 2018 09:39

Dr. Sura Rahim Eidan from Computer Science Department at the University of Technology received a Master's Degree for her thesis:

(Use facial recognition technology to monitor attendance in class)

The thesis includes the introduction of biometrics literature in general, its characteristics, applications and functions, its overall mechanism of operation, and the comparison between the various scales, because the facial recognition system is one of these types of measurements. In addition to identifying the structure of the system, the methods used in each step from the detection stage, draw characteristics down to the recognition process, the challenges faced by each stage and common techniques.

Building an automated attendance management system by identifying and identifying people based on face recognition technology has advantages that outperform traditional systems and some other biometrics based systems in attendance management. More than one person can be identified and identified At the same time and record attendance, a report is presented.

The discussion committee from Assis.Prof.Dr. AbdulAmir Abdullah Kareem as President and Assis.Prof. Dr.Aqbbas Ezzedine Ali from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology and Assis.Prof.Dr. Sawsan Abdul Hadi Mahmoud from the Department of Computer Science Faculty of Education at Mustansiriya University. Rehab Fleih Hassan supervisor.






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