Tuesday, 05 June 2018 09:32

The Department of Production and Metallurgy  Engineering at the University of Technology grant  the master's degree to the student Abbas Habib Hassoun for his thesis:

(Recovery of precious metals from electronic waste)

 (Extraction of Precious metals from Electronic Waste)

The researcher came to study the recovery of gold metal as a precious element as well as the recovery of copper metal from the printed circuit boards taken from the computers consumed.

The results of the chemical analysis of the models of printed circuit boards after it was prepared by manual separation, cutting and softening, and then screening that printed circuit boards contain 36.26% copper, gold by 0.0327%, silver by 0.0111% and tin by 0.0430%.

The copper and gold metal recovery process was carried out by the hydrometric method, which includes melting and sedimentation processes.

The discussion committee was joined by Prof. Sami Ibrahim from the University of Technology as president. Abdul Karim Mohammed Ali from the University of Baghdad and dr. Firas Farhan Sayed Members & Hjran Zine El Abidine supervisor and Dr. Arkan Khalkal Hussein, all of the Technological University of linguistics. Abdul Wahab Abdul Razak from the Geological Survey of Scientific Research.






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