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Computer Science Department grants a doctorate for optimizing network security

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Computer Science Department at the University of Technology awarded the doctoral degree to the student Dalal Naeem Mahmoud for her thesis entitled:

(Optimizing network security by increasing the efficiency of time spent in management)

 The thesis touched on the independence of computing and automate computer systems by independent managers to mitigate the obstacles caused by management complexities.

The problems are large in the network environment, one of which is the failure or flaw of the devices, and the second is the security problem, especially how to protect the communication channels and the integrity of the server data.

In this thesis, Nizam suggested solving the above problems, which consists of three parts. The first part is the self-management part of errors. Windows standard tool management technology has been used in the proposed system in a localized (rather than distributed) method, which leads to faster access to hardware-related devices to efficiently manage the errors and reduce the burden on the server part to avoid network bottlenecks.

The discussion committee was joined by Prof. Ahmed Tariq Chairman and Dr. Hala Bahgat and .Prof. Abeer Tarek from the Technological University and Prof. Ali Makki from Anbar University and Dr. Nada Abdul Zahra from Baghdad University Hassanein Samir & Maha Abdulkarim supervisors of technology.






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