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A graduate student, Ayia Abbas Shaher, received her master's degree from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology for her thesis:

 "The effect of the fusion of different fibers on cement properties"

The objective of the research is to improve some properties in concrete and cement mortar such as increasing early resistance, reducing permeability and thermal conductivity of concrete mortar and concrete. As well as an improvement in post-cracking behavior that contains fibers due to both plastic shrinkage and dry shrinkage.

The study of mechanical properties (compressibility and bending) of cement and concrete mortar samples, and thermal (thermal conductivity) of cement mortar samples only, physical (absorptive, density and porosity) and synthetic (optical electron microscopy) and all samples cement and concrete prepared.

The discussion committee consisted of:Assis.Prof.Dr. Farhad Mohammed as president and Assis.Prof. Dr. Ayad Murad from Nahrain University and Prof.Dr.Akil Zaher,  as members Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Ghabban and  Prof. Dr. Hussein Alaa supervisor , all from the University of Technology and Prof. Abdul Qader Ismail from Anbar University. Assis.Prof.Dr. Samir Ali is a linguist of technology.






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