Tuesday, 05 June 2018 09:09

Architecture Department at the University of Technology awarded Master's degree to the student Hiba Khairuddin Saadallah Al-Obeidi for her thesis entitled ((attractive urban foci)).

The mission was to build a comprehensive conceptual framework for the concept of attractive urban foci, including their characterization and characteristics, and the applicability of this to the local city.

 The research was based on its objective and addressing its research problem to a main hypothesis: "The attractive value of urban centers depends on the structure of their formal structure, the nature of their urban components and their functional attractiveness."

 For the purpose of validation, a selection of global and local projects was selected using the method of virtual analysis of the vocabulary derived from the theoretical framework, and the questionnaire distributed to a diverse sample at Al Mansour Mall and Baghdad Mall.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Ali Mohsen Jaffar as Chairman, Assis.Prof.Dr. Anam Amin Mohammed, Assis.Prof. Nadia Abdul Majid Al-Salam, members and Dr. Khansaa Ghazi Rashid Mushrafa.





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