Thursday, 31 May 2018 09:19

The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics at the University of Technology awarded the Master's Degree to Ahmed Salim Falih for his thesis entitled:

(Manufacture of a gas sensor using the method of laser pulse deposition to detect hydrocarbon gases in the oil industry)

  Fabrication of Gas Sensor Using Pulse Laser Deposition Method for the Hydrocarbon Detection in Petroleum Industry

 The results showed a direct correlation between the temperature of preparation and particle size. Of the results of AFM. It was noted that the amount of roughness increases by increasing the heat of preparation, and also that the thin film structure changes from random to crystalline structure with increasing temperature of preparation. The highest permeability was in the visible region followed by the infrared region.

It can be concluded that the temperature of the membrane preparation at 250 هو is more suitable for giving thin films a high surface area to detect liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and also for producing nanotubes with high electrical conductivity.

The discussion committee was joined by Prof. Dr. Eyad Zouen of the University of Technology as president and president of the research team. Boshra Razzouqi from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Dr. Suad Zaidan from Mustansiriya, members of Dr. Suad Mahmoud and Dr. Khalid Ajami, supervisors of the two technologies.

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