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A graduate student from the Department of Engineering and Control Systems at the University of Technology Ahmed Idris Ahmed received a master's degree for his thesis entitled "Comparative Analysis of Mechanisms Control of congestion in internet of thinks"

The concept of Internet is a new revolutionary movement in the field of communication systems where the concepts of every place and anytime pressure to design a new wave of developments in several directions One approach is the reliability of the interconnection of billions of different things over the Internet, To fill this gap with light RESTful data packets, control of data congestion is the critical force in any network performance design, especially the Internet, and is a major concern in the design of any protocol that serves Internet environments.

The discussion committee consisted of:  Prof.Azad Rahim Karim as President Mona Mohammed Jawad and Prof. Asmaa Hamid Rashid are members and Prof. Hamid Musa Hassan as a member and a supervisor.

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