Thursday, 10 May 2018 08:16

Production and menials engineering department at the university of technology grants MSC to the student Nabaa Deya for her thesis" Study the Effects of Cutting Parameters and the Generated Heat on Chips Hardness and Surface Finish of Stainless Steel 316L"

The researcher concluded that turning is one of the traditional operations, used for a wide range of applications for the production of external and internal cylindrical parts. This thesis focuses on the study of the effect of cutting coefficients such as spin speed, feeding and depth of cutting on the response. Hardness of the surface of the tool and the heat generated by the stainless steel work in the process of turning.

The discussion committee was chaired by Assc.Prof.Dr.Maan Abed from the University of Technology , Assc.Prof.Dr.Mustafa Ahmed from the University of Diyala and Assc.Pr.Dr.Salah Karim  from the University of technology as members , Assc.Prof.Dr.Ahmed Ali Akbar Lect.Dr. Raed Rashid from the University of Technology as supervisors, Assc.Prof.Dr. Saad Hamid from the University of Babylon as scientific reviewer and Prof.Dr. Arkan Khalkal from the University of Technology as a linguistic reviewer.


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