Monday, 30 April 2018 08:51

Building and construction engineering department grants MSC to the student Ayat Hassan for her dissertation "Photocatalytic Hydrophobic Concrete Coatings to Improve Air Pollution Mitigation and Self – Cleaning Performance"

The researcher found that the cement paste mixed with nano titanium was more efficient in the dry atmosphere. In contrast, the models mixed with the titanium microwaves were better in the wet atmosphere.

Results for coated models showed that the coating with the micro-solution was less efficient in the removal of monoxide NOx and toluene, especially when using the spraying method in the coatings. The models need a longer time for the removal process

The discussion committee was chaired by Assc.Prof.Dr.Qusay Fadhil and Assc.Prof.Dr. Sawsan Moslim, Assc.Prof.Dr.Jiwad Khadim, Assc.Prof.Dr.Nagham Obeed and Assc.Prof.Dr.Zainab Bahaa as members, Prof.Dr.Riyad Hassan and Assc.Prof.Dr.Maan Salman as supervisors.


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