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Material engineering department at the university of technology grants MSC to the student Shafaq Yahya for her dissertation "---------------------"

The researcher presents the manufacture of a polyvinyl alcohol-conductive polymer, which is one of the insulation materials by electrophoresis method. Polyimeric solution (polyvinyl alcohol) was prepared with different proportions of copper chloride, nanocrystalline nanoparticles, nanoparticles, polyniline and nanotubes) as additives for the preparation of polymer bond and its effect on chemical structure, conductivity and mechanical properties.

The study (electrical conductivity, viscosity and surface tension) showed the resulting solutions. and also it showed the increased electrical conductivity with an increase in the ratio of additives to these solutions, while the viscosity and surface stress of the same solutions, except for polyvinyl / copper and polyvinyl alcohol / Electrostatic viscosity and surface tension with increased ratio of additives.

The discussion committee was chaired by Prof.Dr.Qusay Fadhil /UOTand the membrance of Assc.Prof.Dr.Ammar Emad/ university of Babil and Lect.Dr.Manar Abdul-Jabbar/UOT. Assc.Prof.Dr.AkramRahim and Assc.Prof.Dr.Majid Hameed both are from University of Technology as supervisors. Prof.Dr.Zuhair Jabbar from university of Karbalaa as a scientific reviewer and Assc.Prof.Dr.Samir Ali from University of Technology as a linguistic reviewer.

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