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The Ministry of Planning granted the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control a patent for two lecturers from the Laser and Optical Electronics Department at the University of Technology. Khaled Salem Shabib and Prof. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Manshid and Prof. Zainab Ayad Mousa and R. Senior Engineers. And Ali Abdul Sattar Saleh for a new way to assess thermal damage in tissues using laser.

A graduate student from the Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology Hussein Mohammed Badr received a master's degree for his thesis:

 "Effective Control of Disruption of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems"

In this thesis, the researcher examined the design and analysis of the ADRC methodology for control and rejection of two nonlinear systems: the Maglev magnetic field and the flexible joint arm system (f.R) based on the ADRC structure. Two types of control method were considered, Effective linear and nonlinear reduction of linear disturbance.

These two types of control were compared in terms of the robustness of the control with the variation of the parameters and the ability to reject the applied disorders. This was attended by the President of the University of Technology Prof. Amin Douai Thamer.

The discussion committee was represented by Prof. Safana Rahat as President and Chairman of the Board. Prof.  Abdul Rahim Dhi Hammoud and Prof. Zaker Mahmoud Nayel members and Amjad Jalil Hamidi \ member and supervisor.

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