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Materials Engineering Department grant PhD on the production of refractoriness from local materials and improving their properties

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The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology awarded a PhD to the student Ehab Fathi Ayoub for his thesis titled the production of refractoriness from local materials and improve their properties for use in applications with high temperatures "

The researcher dealt in this thesis three different parts, but all share the title one is refractory's. The first part of the letter is the extraction of alumina from the Iraqi kaolin extracted from the site Dweikla in Anbar, Iraq). In this section, the kaolin rocks were crushed and crushed to a volume of less than 325μm and then burned at 650 ° C for 90 minutes Removal of organic matter and crystallized water. After this step, the kaolin powder is reacted with hydrochloric acid for two hours to separate the alumina from the silica. This step is followed by the process of washing the outputs (3-5) times according to the amount of water added each time. Finally the final step involves deposition of aluminum hydroxide which can be thermally converted into alumina. This process has produced aluminum hydroxide with high purity of over 98%.

The discussion committee was moderated by Prof. Ali Hussein Atwi of the University of Technology as president and Prof. Sumer Mati Dawood of the University of Baghdad, and Dr. Ali Abar Khalif, and Dr. Fadel Abd-Rassin of the University of Technology. Dr.Mahsen Abbas Aswad from the University of Babylon, members of the Board of Directors, Dr.Ala Hassan Ali, Dr. Mohammed Haider Aliwi Supervisors, and Dr. Shaker Jahl Idris from the University of Babylon scientifically and internationally. Farouk Lotfi from the University of Technology is linguistically composed.

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