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A graduate student from the Department of Engineering Control and Systems, Mechatronics branch at the University of Technology Mustafa Sami Ali received a master's degree for his thesis entitled "Microcontroller-like a relative-foggy integration of the speed of the three-phase induction engine using the Kalman filter estimator

In this thesis, the researcher addressed the three-phase induction engine as the two working masses in the field of industry today because of its strength, small size, low cost, small maintenance and other features that give preference to other engines. For this purpose, different strategies for speed control were introduced. For a three-phase engine and its simulators using transformations (dp) in a fixed reference frame.

The discussion committee from  Shibli Ahmed Hameed Chairman & Firas Mohammed A'aima. Assis.Prof.Abbas Hussein Issa Members Rafiq Yassin is a member and supervisor.

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