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Production Engineering Department Grants PHD

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Production engineering department at the University of Technology grants PHD to the student Zuhair Hassan for his "Managing Waste employing Lean-Grean Integrative Framework"

During the research, three aspects of lean-green integration were identified, such as reduction of the waste markings of the supply chain of society and organization, and the aspect studied in this research from the perspective of the integration of the lean-green. In this paper, a methodology was developed for the integration of the lean - green approach to manage the losses and the efficient use of resources through the five stages of identification of trends of integration, classification of complementary features, application phase, calculation phase of quantitative values and differentiation phase.

The discussion committee was headed by Prof.Dr. Emad Merzah-UOTand the membrane of Prof.Dr.Ayad Abd Hamza-UOB, Asst.Prof.Dr.Sawsan Sabeh and Asst.Prof.Dr.Luma Adnan –UOT, Dr.Sabah Obaid from Ministry of Environment , Prof.Dr.Lamya Mohammed-UOT as asupervisor, Asst.Prof.Dr. Haider Abd Al-Hussein from Bable University as a scientific reviewer and Prof.Dr.Arkan Khalal as a linguistic reviewer.

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