Tuesday, 03 April 2018 10:12

The Department of Production and Metal Engineering at the University of Technology awarded the master's degree to student Sally Abdul Karim Alwan for her thesis: ((Extracting some minerals from phosphate ore)) on Sunday 4/3/2018 at the hall of Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mansour in the department.

The aim of the letter is to develop a method for retrieving the trace elements of millions of tons in the western part of Iraq. Phosphogepsum is mainly composed of calcium sulphate and is prepared with molecules of water of watering (2-0.5 molecules).

The impurities are originally found in chemical processes such as Fe, Ce, F, P, Mg as well as many trace elements including rare earth elements.

The polycrylamide was used to improve the separation of the elements. The turbidity test and the atomic force microscope were conducted at room temperature and at temperatures below 10 Celcius. The settling time was found after 30 minutes. 20-140) nanometer.

The discussion committee was joined by Prof. Sami Ibrahim Jafar from the University of Technology as President Haidar Akram Hussein from the Central Technical University and Dr. Hager Zine El Abidine Members Esraa Abdelkader Aziz and Dr. Moaied Kassed Ghalhum Supervisors Prof. Dr. Nawal Ezzat Abdul Latif Al-Makom Al-Alami and Dr. Arkan Khalkal Hussain Al-Maqum Al-Lughaim are from the University of Technology.

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