Tuesday, 03 April 2018 10:12

The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics at the University of Technology awarded a Master's Degree to Nawras Dhafer Hamza for her thesis entitled: (Reactive Laser Induced Forward of In2O3-NPfor sensor Applications)

(Induced induction emission of nanodetective oxide nanoparticles for interactive applications of the sensor). The study of the samples prepared using X-ray diffraction showed that the phase of the cubic spp. Is the composition of the andium oxide. In the chemical compound (the anionium oxide: zinc oxide: gold) the spinel phase of the cube showed the structure of the andium oxide and gold. (200), (222), (400), (333), (440) and (622), and the coefficients of miller of zinc oxide (200) and (100) while the coefficients of Miller for gold were 101 and 200) and observed increased x-ray density with the addition of nanoparticles.

The discussion committee was joined by Assis.Prof Stabrq Talib Abdullah of Baghdad University as President, Prof.Dahi Saadi Ahmed, and Prof. Makram Abdulmutallab Fakhri, members of and Prof.Assis Abdul Hadi Kazem, and they are from the University of Technology, Tarek Mohammed from the University of Baghdad supervisors.

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