Tuesday, 03 April 2018 10:05

Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering  Department at the University of Technology awarded the Master Degree to  Hadeel Khalid in the field of laser engineering for its thesis:

(Manufacture of polyvinyl chloride and naphthocyanine with nano-copper oxide and study of the physical properties of the laser solar cell)

The study focused on the study of the electrical, optical and composition properties of the organic cell prepared by several layers using two types of polymers prepared (polybenzilaniline, polynaphthoquinoneaniline). These polymers were diagnosed using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques and the transformation of infrared spectrum and radiation UV-visible spectroscopy. The use of nano-copper oxide was measured by sol gel. Figure, dimensions and phase of the oxide The nano-copper was calculated by X-ray diffraction technique and was the monolithic phase and the size of the atoms (16 nm) to increase the absorption, electrical properties and efficiency of prepared cells. The first cell was introduced using Polybenzilaniline (only) as an active cell, (0.02%) of the copper oxide was added to Polybenzilaniline) for preparation of the second solar cell and the third cell was present using polynaphthoquinoneailine as an effective drug. (0.02%) of nano-copper oxide to (polynaphthoquinoneailine) as an effective cell after addition of nano-copper oxide and after laser irradiation of the arcon (60 mW) absorption of the first and third cells increased and removed the absorbance spectrum towards the wavelength of the substrate The frontal and reverse current lighting and increased efficiency Baadadhavh oxide copper nanoparticles and laser irradiation.

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