Monday, 22 January 2018 08:05

The Department of Laser Engineering and Optical Electronics at The University of Technology grant  the student Ban Kareem Hadi for its tagged letter (Raman broad-based fiber amplifier building on a bi-directional fiber model).

This message provides an investigation, optimizing pumping power and evaluating the performance of the separated Raman amplifier using the OptiSystem-10 simulator and two different amplifier designs: the SP-DRFA amplifier and the DP-DRFA amplifier.

The researcher adopted the bi-directional fiber model in this work as a Raman medium for profit at different lengths and also using different pumping directions. A comparison was made between the types of designs used (SP-DRFA) and (DP-DRFA) in the case of the use of optimal pumping power. The performance parameters of these amplifiers were analyzed in terms of average gain, amplitude range within 3 dB change, SBS propagation effect, and NFav.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Raad Sami Fayyad from Nahrain University as President,  Prof.Dr. Mazen Ali Abdel-Ali from Mustansiriya University, Prof.Dr. Makram Abdulmutallab Fakhri,  as a members, Prof. Dr. Salahuddin Adnan, and Prof. Dr. Abdullah Khudair, From the Technological University.