Monday, 22 January 2018 08:05

Suha Mohammed Saleh, from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology, grant her master's thesis (Discovering the task area using non-vertically and vertically-aligned characterization algorithms) at  the discussion hall in the department.

This is why many of the extraction algorithms have been designed. One of the algorithms used for extraction is an algorithm that is used for the extraction process. SIFT is an efficient and efficient algorithm for extracting and characterizing areas of interest because it operates on a wide range of points. However, this algorithm is very slow to implement.

The proposed system is a system used to extract and identify abnormal areas in the medical image. It was evaluated based on the evaluation criteria used in the extraction, characterization and matching systems. Which is a measure of time and accuracy. A 100% accuracy was obtained, as all abnormal areas were fully detected with misrepresentation in the image. The proposed system also reduced the time taken to implement the SIFT algorithm.

The discussion committee consisted of  Prof.Dr. Mayad Emad El-Din as President. Rana Farid and Prof. Dr. Sameer Issa from the Department of Computer Science, Al-Rafidain College.