Thursday, 11 January 2018 08:35

The student Adnan Taher from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology received a master's degree for his thesis (intelligent system for controlling the storage based on wireless sensor networks) with a very good grade.

 The researcher emphasized in his letter the design of a system of control and control of intelligent and efficient elements of the demand stock dependent on the wireless sensor networks. The system consists of three main systems: a security system, a safety system, and a system to re-strengthen the stock. Each system relies on a number of subsystems, as the security system depends on the system of detection of people, and the system of detecting a situation inside the building. The safety system consists of vibration detection system, early detection of fire, and moisture detection system. The stock enhancement system is based on the material requirements planning system, which was adopted as a knowledge base for the proposed smart system. It relies on the application of two batch size techniques, L4L and S-M, to determine the quantities and timing of re-reinforcement orders.

The researcher developed the two techniques in the planning stage of the proposed system based on the wireless sensor network and the logic to generate the parental elements within levels (0) and (1) of the list of the technical structure of the product, while the rest of the systems were developed in the production stage. The stellar pattern was adopted in the design of the wireless sensor network, which can be built according to two structures using an AP or WLAN card installed on a server that is used as a central management and control station. An integrated hybrid algorithm was developed between the wireless sensor network and the batch size determination techniques used.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Tarek as President Prof.Ass. Esra Abdul Amir and Dr.Bashar Makki Neama Department of Computer Science Faculty of Science at the University of Mustansiriya members , Prof.Ass  Dr. Maha Abdul Karim Hamoud andProf.Ass. Esra Tahseen Ali supervisors.