Tuesday, 26 December 2017 09:11

The Department of Architecture grants a PhD on the quality of architectural education

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The student Ahmad Taleb Hameed from the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology received a PhD for his dissertation (Quality of Architectural Education Requirements for Quality of Learning Outputs in the Department of Architecture, University of Technology, Model).

The researcher developed a proposal for the development of architectural education in Iraq by improving its outputs using the thought of quality management and systemic thinking as research tools assumed that the requirements of quality and excellence of learning outcomes come from the development of a systematic research model and the research model gives a comprehensive perception of the contexts of the quality system of architectural education and educational policies taking into account four pillars The cultural and societal specificity associated with the Islamic understanding of the life and the complementary privacy of the architectural specialization and the requirements of the work represented by the community, individuals, groups, the labor market and the requirements of the international quality accreditation bodies, Conscious design of the architectural design studio within the syllabus to serve as a focus for developing this approach as a coherent system.

The discussion committee consisted of: Prof. Dr. Jabbar Naama as President and Prof. Dr. Ali Mohsen Jafar, Prof. Dr.  Yasin Hamid Rashid,Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza, and Prof. Dr.Abdulla Sadoon Salman, Assis.Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kazem and Assis.Prof.Dr. Falah Khalaf Ali  as a Super visor .