Monday, 18 December 2017 08:50

Noor Ibrahim Ali Jan from the Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology received her master's degree on her thesis entitled "Properties of green concrete using recycled materials

The study examined the use of alfalfa powder, fluorescent glass (neon),

Brown glass powder, ash rice husks, sawdust and powder two types as a partial substitute for cement. (11,13,15%) of the weight of cement. The percentage of mixing was used in ordinary concrete (1: 1.5: 3) with a constant ratio between water and cement (W / C = 0.45). ). At the time of processing (7,14,28) days. Under the alternative materials used, nineteen mixing groups were classified. The first mixture is for normal concretes (without alternative materials). The eighteen substrates are for the above materials, all of which have the same range of granular gradient (600-75) micro-meters.

The results showed that a few materials that act as a partial replacement of cement have improved mechanical and physical properties (water absorption properties).


The discussion committee consisted of Assist.Prof. Dr. Akram Rahim Jabr of the University of Technology as President and Professor. Ahmed Sultan Ali from Nahrain University and Assist.Prof.Dr. Nivin Gamal Abdel Qader. Assist.Prof.Dr Asil Basem Abdul Hussein and Assist.Prof.Dr.Kadhem Matar Shabib Supervisors members, all from the Technological University, Assist.Prof. Dr.Aliya Abbas Ali, from the Northern Technical University, as a scientific member. Assist.Prof.Dr Hussain Khallakal Staff from the Technological University is linguist.