Thursday, 14 December 2017 08:40

The student Zaid Munther Radef from the Computer Science Department at the University of Technology received a master's degree for his thesis (participation of several secret photographs based on a linear system) on the discussion room in the department. In this thesis a proposal was adopted to build a system of sharing several secret images, With the system (K, N) the proposed system uses a number of protection techniques to improve protection and reduce

The high-pressure, high-pressure, high-speed technical design features high loss image quality with a high compression ratio, using a low-loss quadtree compression technology to increase pixel consistency that will significantly improve the DCT algorithm. Before the DCT phase.

The results of the experiments on the system showed that the generated shares are very safe and not connected to the original secret, and the results of the pressure ratio of the proposed pressure technique showed that the pressure ratio was about 1:29.

The discussion committee consisted of Assist.Prof.Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdul Wahab as President. Abdul Mohsen Jaber Al-Ma'ali and Assist.Prof.Dr Abdul Wahab Sami from the University of Mustansiriya College of Education Computer Science members and Assist.Prof.DrShawak Talib Hashim.

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