Wednesday, 22 November 2017 09:05

 The Control and Systems Engineering department at the University of Technology awarded the Master Degree with a very good grade to the student (Abdullah Ali Mohammad) for his entitled thesis:
(Performance Comparison of four different notes)
The discussion committee consisted of Assist. Prof. Dr. Shibli Ahmed Hameed as Chairman and Assist. Prof. Dr. Safana Modhir Raafat and Lectrer. Dr. Sami Kazem Hassan as members and Assist. Prof. D. . Amjad Jalil Hamidi as Supervisor.
The researcher concluded by studying the solid properties and performance of four different observations when used to estimate the cases of two mechanical systems (rotary inverted pendulum) and (Pendubot)
The work includes four observed techniques to estimate the situation. These observations are the nonlinear extended case, the linear extended case observer, the high gain observer, the protruding status observer, and four cases considered to evaluate the performance of the notes; case of par, certainty.
Based on these cases, the performance of these observations has been assessed and quantified according to their sequential properties and the least difference to guess the error resulting from them.














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