Wednesday, 22 November 2017 09:04

The Control and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Technology awarded Master's Degree with grade (Very Good) to the student (Mustafa Yousef Abbas) for his entitled thesis:
(Design of the second type of dynamic control with foggy logic to track the mobile robot)

The researcher showed how to display the control system to track the course of the variable speed wheeled robot, and a large number of researches have used the kinetic model of the mobile robot which is nonlinear in nature.
This work focuses on the design of three types of fuzzy control, the first one is the fuzzy proportional control of the differential + integral, the fuzzy control of the proportional proportional + differential proportional, and the second type of fuzzy control of the computational proportional + differential proportional, with the fly algorithm to find optimal coefficients of coefficients Dominant.
The simulation results using MATLAB demonstrated the good performance and durability of the second type of fuzzy control compared with the other two types of the first type of misty control, by reducing tracking error and giving smooth speed, especially with external disturbance and unreliability.
The discussion committee was consisted of Assist. Prof. Dr. Amjad Jalil Hamidi as Chairman and the membership of Assist. Prof. D. Firas Abdul Razzaq Rahim and Assist. Prof. D. Hamid Hamid Karim and supervised by Assist. Prof. D. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed.














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