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Lecturer Get PhD from University of Ecoal-France

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Dr.Tagreed Mohammed, a lecturer at control and system engineering department-UOT, got PHD form Ecoal Central De Nantes collage-France for her thesis
(((Automatic blood sugar control for type I diabetics) ))
This thesis examines the control of blood sugar level for type I diabetics by automated control of insulin injections. Two main control categories were used: the first is based on a mathematical model of the system and the other without the need of a mathematical model. To test their efficiency, two different mathematical models were used for hypothetical patients are based on data from clinical diabetics and the other is the known simulation model: Uva / Padova T1 DM Simulator.
The first-class controller is the intelligent proportional control and the intelligent differential integrator: iP and iPID.
The results were compared with the traditional proportional differential control, and the scientific contribution of this control was first experimented with the regulation of blood sugar for its importance not to rely on a 
mathematical model in its design to avoid the absence of a detailed model of a complex system such as the human body.













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