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The Department of Mechanical Engineering grants a PhD degree on the application of the robotics algorithm

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the student Rahim Sadek Majeed from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology, received a PhD for his thesis (Application of the Algorithm of the Automated Robot for Free Navigation based on image processing and the optimal algorithm)
 The researcher focused on the design and implementation of a guided algorithm for the steering of a motorized robot, which restricts the direction of free navigation within a predetermined path with the least errors in the course of tracking the path and overcoming the obstacles fixed and moving without intersection after locating and moving and speed of movement using the image processing method. The first stage consists of four stages. The first phase includes a synthetic nerve control to control the movement of the robot with low energy consumption and less deviations from the desired path. In the second stage, the self-tuning of the neurotransmitter factors is done by using the optimization particle-optimization algorithm. The third stage is the construction of the path according to the specified path and the obstacle locations. The fourth stage scans the robot site by processing electronic images to determine the dimensions, locations and speed of obstacles using a proposed algorithm, after which the results are fed into the third stage of the path diagram.
 The second unit included a PID control with the use of the cluster optimization algorithm and controlled the rotation speed of the robot wheels by determining the voltage of the electric motor for each wheel.
 The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Rajhi as President and Prof. assist Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hussain Ali from the University of Baghdad, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. Dr Safana mudher Raafat and Prof. assist Dr Hassan Mohammed Alawneh Prof. assist Dr. Qassim Abbas Attia Members and Prof. Dr Mowafaq Ali Tawfiq and Prof. Dr Ahmed Sabah Abdul Amir as a super visour 













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