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PhD thesis on the preparation and characterization of high-conductivity of recycled wires

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Hossain Ali Alwan Al-Qara Ghuli from the Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology received a PhD with a very good degree from his thesis titled "Preparation and Characterization of High-Conductivity of Recycled Wire" on Tuesday, 31/10/2017.
 Graphene is a new two-dimensional carbon nanotube that has attracted a lot of attention because it possesses a wide range of unique physical and mechanical properties attributed to its atomic structure. Graphene has a gap and density of beams up to zero when coupling and parity clusters meet and have very low density near Dirac Point These properties attracted the attention of many scientists to study its atomic composition and use it in many important and critical applications.
 The results obtained from electrical and thermal conductivity tests showed an increase in the electrical and thermal conductivity values of the alloy wires. The alloy supported by (0.3% gravine and 0.15% zirconium) showed the highest values which led to an increase in the values of electrical and thermal conductivity (8.2% and 15.7%).
 The discussion committee consisted of Prof.Dr. Muhammed Jabr Juij from the University of Tall Afar as President. Prof.Dr. Najem Abdul-Amir Said from Babel University, Prof. Dr. Fadel Abbas Hashem, and Prof.Dr. Gawad Kazem Aliwi from the University of Technology and Dr. Abdul Rahim Kazem Abdul Ali from Babylon University. And Dr. Akram Rahim Jabr supervisors and assistant professor Dr. Mohsen Abbas Aswad from the University of Babylon scientifically and assistant professor Dr. Samir Ali Amin from the University of Technology linguistically.













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