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The Mechanical Engineering Department awards a PhD for estimating the remaining life of the thermal furnace pipes

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Hossam Ahmed Abdul Hussain from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology received a PhD for his dissertation thesis (Estimation of the remaining life of the thermal furnace pipes manufactured from stainless steel in terms of damage caused by the phenomenon of crawling).
 The researcher focused on estimating the safe operating age based on the accumulation of damage caused by the crawling phenomenon, which was studied in detail in addition to simulating the crawling test model. The objective of this study is to avoid unexpected mechanical failures that can occur to the thermal furnace pipes operating in the oil filtration sector, thus causing human and material losses. Some of these furnaces operate at high temperatures and for long periods of time beyond design life.
 The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Nabil Kazem Abdul-Saheb from Nahrain University as President of the University of Baghdad, and Dr. Fathi Abdul-Saheb Abdul-Hussein of the University of Baghdad, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Hussein Jassim Mohammed and Mohsen Nuri Hamza. Dr. Qassem Abbas Attia, WAM members, Ahmed Nayef Ibrahim, and Dr. Samir Ali Amin, supervisors from the University of Technology.













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