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Architecture grants a doctorate with excellence in the adaptation of infrastructure in city centers

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Nada Abdul-Moin Hassan, from the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology, received her PhD degree with distinction from her thesis titled "Adaptation of Infrastructure in Urban Centers - Open Spaces".
 The researcher concluded that cities and infrastructure have always emerged in a coherent and participatory manner as cities and their different functions lead to the emergence or development of infrastructure and transformational power. The general axis of research is defined in the role and relationship of infrastructure in city development and sustainability through its multidimensional benefits and changing relationships with other urban systems Where they are treated as the basic elements of the development of urban dimensions.
 The discussion committee consisted of: Prof. Dr. Jabbar Al-Khafaji, Chairman and Prof. Dr. Sana Shatea Abbas, AD Shaima Hamid Hassan, AD Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza, and Dr. Rua Fawzi Naoum, members and Dr. Shaker Mahmoud and Dr. Karim Hassan Alwan supervisors.













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