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Electro-mechanical engineering department at the university of technology grant MSC to post graduate student Najat Essa for her thesis (Scientific Study to Improve Power Efficiency in Steam Boilers with an Innovative Control System to Avoid Deposits within the Pipes).
 The study deals with the design and implementation of a mechanism to improve the efficiency of energy production in steam boilers through the use of an electronic control system to control the deposition of calcareous salts formed inside boiler water during the process of producing steam and the system of recovery of thermal energy lost from the water during the process of surface discharge to get rid of sediments formed In the water of the boiler, this technique is applied for the first time in Iraq through the contract between high studies department and the South Refinery Company / Basrah, which has the benefits of the research. The practical results of the effectiveness of the innovative control system to improve the efficiency of steam boiler and control of sediments by improving the discharge of boiler water and reducing the indirect losses as the amount of water was reduced from (2244.897) kg / h to (1111.111) kg / hour when installing the automatic control circuit which saved 27210.864 kg/h that may save about 158450201.2 D/Y from the cost of producing discharge water and 83.16% of the lost thermal energy with discharge water which can be recovered using the heat recovery unit which provides 103411.8 micajol / day which will save 482.46 T/Y of the mass of spent fuel.
 It has approved that the auto-control system is the perfect solution to save energy and from solar energy and it contributes to the maintenance of sewage pipes from damage caused by the heat of discharge water by cooling the water before putting it into the sewer system.
 The discussion committee chaired by Asst.Prof.Dr. Shaker Dawood/ Dijlah collage university and the membrane of Asst.Prof.Dr.Asawir Kwiri from Oil Engineering Department-UOT, lect.Dr.Eman Kareem and Asst.Prof.Dr. Raheeq Ibrahim from Electro-mechanical Engineering Department-UOT and Asst.Prof.Dr. Abdul-Raheem Hamood from Electrical Engineering Department.













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