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The Department of Computer Science awards a PhD in Protocol Design to achieve interconnectivity in memory

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Dr. Abeer Dhia Abd-el-Kader from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology received a PhD for her dissertation thesis (Designing a Protocol to Achieve Memory Interconnection in Memory Systems).
 The thesis dealt with the proposal of two protocols to achieve covariance correlation, where the first depends on the surveillance protocol and the second is based on the protocol based on the manual.
 The first proposed protocol, PMOESI, is designed to have the same MOESI protocol, but the difference is by adding a new case called the initial state, as well as the design of the exclusive reference store added at the first level. MOESI is one of the types of reconnaissance protocol whose entire mass in the cache can be one of five cases (modified, owned, exclusive, shared, and invalid). For the use of the PMOESI protocol, it improves efficiency by reducing the delay time to access memory compared to the MOESI protocol. The reason for this improvement is the transmission of data between the cores to achieve the intentional readjustment if one of the rest of the processors is requested to write instead of fetching information from the main memory.
 The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Abdul Moneim Saleh Rahma of the University of Technology as President and Prof. Diaa Abdul Hussain Jumaa of Mustansiriya University Faculty of Science
 Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa Abdul Hamid Abdul Latif from the University of Baghdad, College of Ibn al-Haytham Department of Computer Science,and Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology and Assistant Professor Dr. Yousra Hussein Ali and Assistant Professor Dr. Shaima Hamid Shaker Members and Assistant Professor Dr. Rehab Fleih Hassan and Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Hamoud supervisors .





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