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Department of Electrical Engineering grants PhD on the improvement of the quality and reliability of electrical power using the technology of the microwave network in Iraq

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Marwa Mohammed Mari from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology received a PhD with a very good degree from her thesis
 (Improving the quality and reliability of electric power using the microwave network in Iraq)
 On Thursday 14/9/2017 at the Tigris Hall in the section.
 The discussion committee consisted of: Prof. Dr. Essam Mahmoud Abdel Baki as Chairman and Assistant Professor Dr. Afanin Anwar Aboud, Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Mohamed Taima, Assistant Professor Dr. Hussain Thani Rachk, Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abas Abdullah Members and Assistant Professor Dr. Rashid Hamid Matar and Assistant Professor Dr. Yousef Mahmoud Musharraf.
 The researcher has reached analysis, design and modeling of Microgrid
 For the distribution network of the holy province of Karbala using the program (MATLAB 2014a)
 To improve the efficiency and reliability of the network.
 The Thermal Limit Factor (TLF) has been studied for transmission lines to determine which stations need to reduce load. These loads represent the capacity of a micro grid
 After the analysis, the Indian and Husseini stations have a TLF greater than one and the loads to be reduced are 20MVA from Al Hindi station and 10 MVA from Husseiniya to reduce the TLF to an acceptable level.

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