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PhD thesis on the effect of adding nanomaterials on the structural and mechanical properties of concrete surfaces

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The student, Raed Kazem Mohammed Jawad, from the Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology, received a PhD with a very good degree from his thesis entitled "Study of the Effect of Adding Nanomaterials on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Reclaimed Concrete Surface from Recycling" on Sunday, 24/9/2017, at the Graduate Hall In the department.
 The researcher pointed out that the possibility of recycle of concrete waste has made it an interesting target and a major focus of waste management policy by encouraging the reduction and recycling of concrete waste. The study also pointed out that the concrete materials were recycled to manufacture recycled fine rubble and its effect when used as an alternative to part of the rubble The natural softness with nanomaterials Alumina and Zaconia was used as an alternative to a part of the cement in the concrete structure on the properties of the concrete surface in terms of microscopic structure.
 The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Mohammed Musleh Salman from Mustansiriya University as president. Dr.. Mohamed Mansourkazem from the University of Babylon and Dr. Mohammed Salab Hamza and Dr. Jawad Kazim Aliwi of the University of Technology and Dr.D. Bismah Mohammed Fahd of the University of Mustansiriyah members of Dr.D. Farhad Mohammed Osman Dr. Alaa Al-Din Abdel-Hamid Musharraf and Assistant Professor Dr. Zeina Khudair Abbas from the University of Baghdad as a scientific member and Assistant Professor Dr. Samir Ali Amin from the University of Technology linguistically.

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