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PhD thesis on activation of surface topography of titanium during implantation in materials Department

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A graduate student from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology, Fatima Jafar Mohammed Al-Hassani, get phd degree in her thesis entitled "Revitalizing the topography of titanium surface to improve the biological compatibility during implantation" at the Department's Graduate Hall on Tuesday, 12/9/2017.
 The researcher pointed out that titanium is one of the most common materials used in dental prostheses because of its mechanical properties and its ability to connect to the cell in dental implants. Surface treatments are carried out for the purpose of modifying surface morphology and changing surface energy, which results in improved biological compatibility.
 The results of the chemical analysis of the basic group showed the presence of a high proportion of the element of titanium without the appearance of any other elements in the samples not treated superficially, while a small proportion of the element of selcone and oxygen to the samples treated with sand blasting also noted the emergence of sodium and chlorine for samples chemically treated with acid and base evidence of Glycol deposition of sodium titans.
 The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Adnan Shamki Jaber of the University of Basrah as president. Dr. Mohamed Salab Hamza, Fadil Abbas Hashem and Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein from the University of Technology and Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghuban from the University of Baghdad members of Dr.Amad Saadi Abdul Karim as an honorable member of University of Technology and Prof. Dr. Haidar Hassan Jaber of the University of Babylon scientifically and Prof. Dr. Haklan Khalil from the University of Technology linguistically.

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