Monday, 11 September 2023 08:46

Computer Engineering Department hold a training workshop in cooperation with Aswar Academy for Training and Development

Within the summer training program for students, Computer Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a training workshop in cooperation with Aswar Academy for Training and Development.

The workshop included two lectures; the first lecture was delivered by the Director of Aswar Academy, Assist. Lec. Taha Zaid Ahmed touched on the skills of presentations, illustrating the method of communicating with the audience, clarifying ideas, body language and coordinating colors, the purpose is to know the necessary method in how preparing presentations in a professional and correct manner.

The second lecture was given by Eng. Yasser Munther from the Sales Department at the Academy, which included a talk about optical cable projects and the basics of networks and devices used in this field, along with identifying the types of cables and their solutions.

It is notable that the Computer Engineering Department is headed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Hassan Jalil Hassan has provided the supportive efforts and facilities to host the academy staff in holding courses and workshops for students from within the university and various other Iraqi universities within the memorandum of understanding signed with the university, as this cooperation between the government side and private sector companies is a productive source for developing new ideas and projects for students and increasing scientific interest And qualify them for the labor market.

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