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Biomedical Engineering Department hold a festival for student activities

Under the auspices the University of Technology President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, Biomedical Engineering Department held the second "Student Activities Festival" in Innovators Student Club, in the presence of Assistant President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, and the Head of the Biomedical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Wisam Kahdim, number of faculty staff and the University students.

The aim of the festival is to display the scientific innovations of the students of the department and encourage their talents, creativity and their activities that are in line with the scientific, cognitive and cultural aspects that the university and its faculties seek to advance. It is worked to present works with wonderful scientific and cultural designs that keep pace with the modern and traditional ones, which express the great capabilities enjoyed by the distinguished students of the Biomedical Engineering Department, just as they are distinguished in the scientific aspect.

The head of the department said that the festival is a major student activity adopted by the department for the second year, which includes two pivots. The first pivot included the scientific innovations presented by senior, which are innovative and applied projects. While the second pivot was about cultural activities which include: drawing, calligraphy, and sculpture, in addition to other activities. These activities are part of the first works that will be reflected and larger in the cultural season of the University of Technology.

The festival concluded with the distribution of appreciation certificates to the students participating in this exhibition.

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