Monday, 14 June 2021 05:35

Control and Systems Engineering Department hold a seminar

 Control and Systems Engineering Department at UOT held a seminar entitled (An investigation of the internal structure of the heat-treated reactor pressure vessel, electro-welded and laser-coated via the google meet platform. Lec. Muhammad Nuri Reda, gave a lecture related to his dissertation from Sheffield University in United Kingdom.

It included an explanation of the increasing demand for the use of nuclear power plants, as observed in recent years.

A reactor pressure vessel (RPV) is one of the main components of a power plant.

He explained how it is constantly exposed to high pressure and temperature, in addition to neutron rays and other harsh conditions, so it became necessary to develop this part and increase the thickness of its wall and to pay attention to the development and improvement of welding areas with electron rays and work to protect its inner surface by coating with a laser and this in turn increases the efficiency of the reactor Nuclear power, capacity and life span.