Sunday, 25 April 2021 06:46

The University of Technology sign a scientific cooperation mechanism with a private University

The University of Technology, represented by the president, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, on Thursday 4/22/2021 held a memorandum of joint scientific cooperation in the presence of the President representor of Gilgamesh Private University, Prof. Dr. Hafez Alwan, the financial and administrative advisor, Dr. Rima Al-Qalawi, and the University of Technology assistants’,  for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Abdel-Dahad and the Administration Affairs Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, Secretary of the University Council, Asssist. Prof. Dr. Nasreen Saleh Mohamed, and the Director of the Department of Media and Public Relations, Lect. Dr. Sari Tahseen Rishan.

The memorandum was signed in order to achieve fruitful cooperation between state departments, exchange experiences, get benefit from scientific and research energies, and solidarity of national capabilities to contribute to the scientific progress of our dear country and upgrading the scientific professional level of the students of the two universities and for the purpose of setting up programs in line with the needs of society and its development in a way that does not contradict the relevant legislation.

The memorandum included several points, the most prominent are:

  • the exchange of scientific consultations in the areas of common specialties and the benefit from the laboratories of the two parties through conducting joint scientific research, as well as the participation of researchers from both parties in the advisory side - The establishment of courses and scientific cooperation in the field of training and modern and advanced scientific technologies in the joint specializations.
  • Participation In scientific conferences and seminars held by the two parties.


At the end, the President of the University of Technology and the President of Gilgamesh University exchanged shields of appreciation for the efforts made to make the educational process a success in our dear country.