Wednesday, 13 November 2019 10:29
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A group of lecturers in the Chemical Engineering Department / University of Technology participated in the first workshop to prepare the strategy entitled (reality analysis / SWOT), which was held in the oil cultural center on 23/9/2019 by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control to prepare the strategy for the years 2020-2024.

Dr. Adnan Abdul Jabbar Scientific deputy , Dr. Zaidoun M. Shakour ,Dr. Farah T. Jassim and Shorouk Taleb have participated in this workshop, which included two fields: The first included the division of participants into four working groups to discuss the draft paper for the quartet analysis SWOT also contained the analysis of the internal environment of COSQC, while the lecturer of the Chemical Engineering Department contributed to discuss aspects of the University of Technology in the work and development of the device .

 The second field included discussing the results of the working groups Along with put final  paper for analysis.




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