The President of University of Technology Prof. Dr. Emad Hussein Marzah Al-Husseini and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative Affairs Ibrahim Abdel Wali inaugurated the annual book fair supporting and enriched of the curriculum (the sixteenth session) in the presence of a number of heads of scientific and engineering departments, which was held in the General Secretariat Hall of the Central Library in cooperation with the Ministry of Education - Directorate General of Curricula - Library Section.

The book fair included thousands of samples of the recent publications titles (books, periodicals , newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias and, guides, biographies, educational series, entertaining and fiction stories, legends, myths, folklore, atlases, maps, illustrations, posters, illustrations, pictures, samples of anthropomorphics such as globes and the human body, transparencies, CDs, audio-visual materials ..etc )with enrichment specialties of the curriculum for all levels and stages of school starting from (kindergarten , Primary, Intermediate, Preparatory, Secondary, Teaching organization ).

Al-Husseini praised about the book fair, which witnessed an active presence of the Ministry of Education staff, university staff and teachers, especially as it contains a set of specialized engineering and scientific books to the university because of its effective role in the development of human thought and reading the recent cultural and scientific developments of paper versions as well as the video presentation, which included Scientific specializations .

The director of the library department at the Ministry of Education, M. Haider Najm, said that the book fair included twenty thousand titles of various books in engineering, science, culture, literature, history, art and sports, as well as children's educational stories and books included elements of suspense and excitement, which was held for the sixth time since 2010 at the University of Technology Referring to the interaction and attendance of university and teaching staff in various engineering, scientific, humanitarian and cultural disciplines, he pointed that the ministry includes twenty directors except the province of Kodristan and the functions of each directorate is the selection of the resources currently presented.

It is mention that seventy Iraqi and Arab publishing houses participated in the printing and publishing of scientific , cultural, intellectual and educational output of different subject disciplines.