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Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at UOT held a scientific symposium tagged "Fuzzy Logics, Neutral Network, Genetic Algorithm, DOE", in the presence of the President Deputy of  Administrative Affairs, assist. Prof. Hussein H. Karim, the center director, Prof. Dr. Abbas K. Hussein, number of departments heads, UOT and centers lecturers.

The center director stated that all research, theses and dissertations consist of two parts, the input and output tools, if they are not available in a scientific research it isn't a sober search.

 He added a questioner that a tremendous amount of researches have been published in sober magazines that did not use these tools, they were published by ancient means at the expense of time, effort and money and reducing the number of experiments, artificial intelligence reduces the length of time for promotion and also in terms of ranking of research and reduces the time period to complete the search.

The session headed by Prof. Majid M. Shukr and Prof. Saja M. Jabbar, (the rapporteur) included two lectures; the first lecture was titled The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Scientific Research delivered by assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Mohammed at Mechanical Engineering Department

While the second lecture entitled the role of experimental design in math model evaluation delivered by assist. Prof. Dr. Marwan N. Ali at Biomedical Engineering Department

After that, extensive discussions started by audience.

At the end of the symposium, certificates of appreciation were handed out by the center director to the lecturers as an assessment to their efforts

The Department of Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Technology held its scientific symposium ((The importance of oil and gas equipment engineering in supporting the Iraqi economy)) in the presence of the head of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Hisham Selim Stubborn, and a number of professors, employees and students of the university.

The symposium contained one session chaired by Prof. Dr. Nuzhat Saeed Abdul-Razzaq and her course, Prof. Amir Abd +Jadou 'gave three first lectures entitled ((The role of electromechanical engineering in improving the performance of oil equipment)) delivered by Prof. Dr. Raheek Ismail Ibrahim, head of the branch of oil and gas equipment engineering in the section, dealt with the development of the branch of oil and gas equipment engineering and its importance in keeping pace with the rapid development of engineering sciences for equipment for the production and transportation of oil and gas storage.

As for the second lecture, entitled ((The Reality of the Gas Industry in Iraq)) delivered by Mohamed Farouk Abdel-Khalek is the director of the Rusafa site at the Gas Filling Company.

And the third entitled ((the most prominent technical problems for oil refineries equipment)) delivered by Resident Engineer Ali Adel Nader from Al-Wasat Refineries Company addressed the most prominent technical problems in oil refineries equipment.

The symposium reached several recommendations, the most important of which is the establishment of training courses for students of the oil and gas equipment branch in the Ministry of Oil and also the establishment of a cooperation agreement between the Department of Electromechanical Engineering and the Ministry of Oil to solve the problems of oil companies in Iraq through graduation projects for students of the fourth stage of the branch of oil and gas equipment engineering in addition to interlock between the department Electromechanical engineering with the Doura Refinery and the Gas Filling Company to solve engineering problems through the use of academic staff in the department through consultative and executive contracts.

(Chemical Engineering Department holds a workshop about (Academic Profile Programming

Chemical Engineering Department held a workshop about (Academic Profile Programming) as UOT Presidency instructions' to create and programing an academic profile for university lecturers, the workshop was held on Thursday 30/1/2020 at Dar Al Salam Hall attended by the Head of Chemical Engineering Department assist. Prof. Dr. Jamal M. Al-Rubaiy, administrative and scientific assistants, branch heads and elite of the department’s lecturers.

The lecture was delivered by Safa Amin, Internet Unit chief, during which detailed explains about internet platform, and how to add pages owned lecturers and as well as the programming codes.

Control and Systems Engineering Department in cooperation with Student Activity Department at UOT held a workshop entitled "Obesity and Nutrition Systems", in the presence of the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Azad R. Karim and number of university lecturers and employees.

 Through it, a lecturer specialized in nutrition systems; Prof. Dr. Mudhafar A. Shafiq delivered a lecture in which he discussed the obesity harmful effects, the main elements in food, the benefit extent from it, the human body's needs for these elements, and confirming on avoiding improper nutrition.

At the end of symposium, certificates of appreciation were given to the lecturers.







Within training workshops of Petroleum Technology Department, a lecturer Dina Mahmoud delivered a lecture about (drilling) for engineers and technicians on Monday 27/1/2020 in the drilling laboratory.

The workshop aimed to define the importance of drilling fluids and their types and directional drilling.







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