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The President of the University visits the Department of Chemical Engineering and emphasizes the improvement of the educational process

The President of the University of Technology  Prof. Imad Hussain Marza Al-Husseini to dedicate the scientific and administrative efforts to improve the educational process in the university and the department of chemical engineering.

This came during the visit of the President of the University to see the scientific and administrative reality in the Department of Chemical Engineering, and was received by the head of the department.

Prof. Khaled Ajami Sukar on Sunday, 9/6/2019. The President of the University congratulated the members of the faculty and members of the Department on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

  The President of the University stressed the work in the spirit of one family to achieve high and raise the academic values ​​that make the university a beacon of science and to establish the values ​​of the original educational student. It was also stressed to raise the status of scientific research in the topics that serve the community and work to develop the Iraqi industrial sector.





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